Dry Dates 2014 new crop from Pakistan update

Pakistan is the worlds largest producer of dried dates (kharik / chowara). With export of more than US$ 66 m in 2013 to India, and US$68 m to all over the world.


2014 New Crop of Dry Dates is available for Export

Current Market Situation

This year market started with highest demand of Yellow Dry Dates and prices are out of control due to over demand. Compare to last year prices are relevantly high and it is predicted that prices will be in the same level. Arrival of goods is started, however full arrival expected from the 3rd week of August. Current estimation is every day 35,000 bags of dried dates are arriving compare to 50,000 bags last year in result producers are holding the goods in the prediction of increase in price. So some how this time is good to purchase the Dried Dates.

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