Sesame Seeds new season 2014

Natural Sesame Seeds

New season of “Sesame Seeds” has begun, this is the best time to buy Sesame Seeds. Local traders are also buying for stocking purpose which also lead to increase in price. Crop Size: New crop of Sesame seeds is very good in Pakistan. Crop estimation is about 70,000 M/Tons. Local consumption is around 30,000 M/Tons, which leaves 40,000 M/Tons for export. Average crop of Pakistan is almost 50,000 which means almost 25% increase in production this year is expected. Price comparison: Since last year Sesame Seeds increased up to Us$2400 per ton for Natural Sesame Seeds, while current prices are at Us$1375 per ton FOB Karachi almost drop us Us$1000 in few months.

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